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About Us

Hi, my name is Ramez. You might know me better as “FrostPonni” in the online poker world though. Let me tell you right away that I am NOT some rich high stakes poker player.

How It All Began

I started this blog originally back in 2007 as a personal journal of my success and struggles in the micro stakes cash games.

This was a place to track my progress and rant about my downswings in complete obscurity.

I did not reveal my online poker screen name – BlackRain79 – for many, many years because I didn’t want any readers. I wrote this blog for myself and myself alone.

But then a few years later a certain infamous (and now defunct) website started tracking and publishing the results of all online poker players without their consent.

I was really mad at first.

Who on earth were they to publish my poker results publicly for everyone to see? The bottom line though was that I could no longer remain anonymous.

My website suddenly started getting hundreds of visitors a day and so I decided to start blogging about how I was achieving these results.